St Marys College has their own Project Princess Season!!


In August, approximately 30 year 11’s and 12’s from St Mary’s College ran three separate Project Princesses. Throughout each project, a leader was paired up with a participant in grades 4-6. Each volunteer assisted their buddy to choose clothes, jewellery and a gift for someone in their family. A fashion designer even came down from Sydney to give the girls some inspiration! Needless to say, Daphnee was slightly intimidating and scared the majority of people rather than assisting them with her bright pink hair, rainbow scarf, heels that were too small for her feet and of course, her curly ginger beard. Blackett also provided some stella fashion tips which most girls, thankfully, ignored. While these projects went for only two hours, the connections that were made and the fun that was had was incredible! Huge shout out to the Top Shop in Kingston for letting us run rampant and purchase most of your stock in the afternoons!

Written by Olivia Hey


Photo's: ERC Camp Member's Kate Choriziak, Olivia Hey (Left), Emily Creese (Middle) and Kate Choriziak (Right) - Project Princess with St Marys College

What was Eddie up to in the past?

Head 2 Heart Weekend Sacred Heart


Last Friday another Heart-to-Heart was held with Year 9 students at Sacred Heart College New Town, a school in the Josephite tradition. They were role models for a group of youngsters from the Huon Valley including their sister-Josephite school, also called Sacred Heart, from Geeveston. The camp was led by Policeman-Eddie Ricer Will Smith and ex-Sacred Heart student Tom Lord, helped by ERC leaders who were present or former students of Guilford Young College.  ERCampsTas are into collaboration and partnerships and our Head 2 Heart programs are a shining example of school based partnerships moving along the strings of social justice and service provision for youth in Tasmania together.


Head 2 Heart Weekend Mackillop 


Get around and show your support for the amazing Damian Nilsson, Connor Fox and Georgia Vermey who led a team of inspiring leaders from Mackillop College with the support of Linda Pollard, Andrew Blackett, Nick Lahey, Matt Dickson, Don and Shelley Lockettand Sally Towns!! It was a stella weekend event which saw the Mackillop College transform into a paradise of fun games, laughs and hugs despite having the PA system overrun by Tasmania's finest luckily the premise still stands and all kids got home safe! Join me in extending our huge welcome to the newest members of the Eddie Rice Family!


ERCampers collaborating with Launceston Vinnies Youth


On Tuesday the 27th of May, two volunteers from Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania (Chloe Marquis and Merryn Allen) were invited by a past Edmund Rice Camper and Immersion participant Emma Radin from Launceston Vinnies Youth to give a presentation at a Vinnies Youth meeting. Chloe and Merryn presented the Edmund Rice story and ethos to members from Vinnies and concepts were thrown across the room about the potential for more collaboration and teamwork. What a fantastic demonstration of a youth driven movement for change as we move forward together in the future.


Photo: ERCamps Members Chloe Marquis (top middle) and Merryn Allen (top left) invited by Emma Radin (top right) to meet with Launceston Vinnies Youth.


Written by Chloe Marquis 

Edmund Rice Mass 2014


ERCampers and Edmund Rice Network Tasmania members from all across the state including St Patricks Launceston, St Marys Hobart, Guilford Young Hobart, St Virgils Hobart and St Aloysius Kingston gather to celebrate together! Andrew Blackett featured on the right with his usual swag backed up by Damian Nilsson (#firsttimeinasuit) looking amazing! 

I think it also should be noted that we could only contain the inner child for a matter or seconds before our calm photo was turned into chaos!

Older Kids Camp 2014 (OKC)

Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania as part of its ongoing development and extension decided in 2013 to directly focus certain programs on target groups and communities. This resulted in a camp designed specifically for teenagers who could benefit from an escape into the wilderness and the support from the amazing mentoring of the Eddie Rice Machine. The camp ran from Monday 21 - 24 of April and was set-up to succeed from the start. Out back experts Damian Nilsson and Sean Prien supported by their tribal chief Hailey Sinclair forced thirty or so teenagers into an abundance of situations and positions to not only challenge them but make them uncomfortable and embarrassed at the same time - Perfection!! Culmination of the camp was a cluster of hugs, smiles backed with some hidden (and some not so hidden) tears. A beautiful and touching celebration of Edmund Rice youth in presence, compassion and liberation!




Easter Kids Camp 2014 (EKC)
One thing you need to understand about Easter Kids Camp 2014 is that we started out aiming to have around twenty four participants on camp accompanied by around twenty seven leaders. Running from 28th of April to the 1st of May we ended up with over thirty participants and close to forty leaders - it turned into a mega camp and it did not disappoint! Camp Coach Tom Lord, lead a team of imaginative captains inclduing Liv Fleming, Broden Sharman and Liv Hey. The camp truly had a beginning, a middle and an end as camp adventurers went on a story guided journey throughout the experience. Escaping scary monsters, fighting trolls and tracking down an evil mastermind who had kidnapped all the group leaders were only part of the enchanting camp. Braving the cold and the rain the adventurers also constructed forts to defend against opposing factions and some brave adventurers even tried, despite being terrifically unsuccessful to set up tents and brave the night! This camp will be remembered by all as one of the most important and spiritually engaging interactive stories of their lives!


Block Community Weekend 2014 (BCW)
Set in the serene landscape of Woodfield Lodge leaders from all across the state of Tasmania gathered to celebrate their differences and their engagement with the Edmund Rice Ethos! After the crazy time of OKC and EKC a time for reflection and telling of stories was truly needed. Who better to lead this time than Matt Schofield and Damian Nilsson, I cannot paint a picture for you, but I will try. Imagine a cabin, up in the hills lit only with a roaring fire and the smiles of friends. Stories and meals were shared, tears rolled down as emotions raced across the room. It was one of the deepest and most engaging evenings I have ever taken part in and I treasured the thoughts and feelings expressed by our amazing group of inspirational leaders of the future. The candle of the Edmund Rice spirit is alive and well in Tasmania and it burned all evening at our Block Weekend.

St. Pauls Catholic Primary School, Bridgewater Welcome BBQ


Edmund Rice leaders, Reverend John McMahon and brave long time serving executive officer Andrew Blackett ventured out to join in the festivities surrounding the St. Pauls Catholic Primary School Bridgewater: Meet the teacher BBQ. Students and parents from the local community met with teachers in classrooms, introducing themselves and discussing the year to come. Afterwards students were thrown into the madness created by the Eddie Rice leaders with games of basketball, chasing, cricket, parahcute activites and soccer whilst the parents sat back to enjoy the beautiful evening and the smells of smoke and sizziling sausages. The evening was completed by feasting with onion and sauce to keep the sausages company! A huge thanks to Principal Stuart Kelly for inviting us to join in; a stella evening all around and a lot of fun!

Franklin Community Multisport Day / BBQ 29th of February


At 9am Carlos Poulson, Peter Standen, Felicity Donato, Serena McQueen, Georgia Vermey, Oliva Vermey, Tom Philpott, Freya Griffin, Broden Sharman, Joel Quiliam, Brendan Webb and Andrew Blackett all headed south for the great Franklin Community Multisport Day! We spent the day playing games, throwing vortex's, kicking footballs, painting faces, throwing water on people, having water thrown back, eating sausages and cooking sausages and watching the amazing athletes compete! It was a fantastice Saturday in the sun, by the river! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all had a blast of a time!

Letter from the EO Andrew Blackett, January 2014

"Edmund Rice Camps 2014 Direction"


In addition to some dramatic growth of camp numbers,during 2013, Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania, has actively explored a number of program variations to enhance its' general sustainability into the future. Using the successful camp model as a "movable framework" ERCTas has been able to establish new co-operative partnership programs with both Catholic Education Tasmania in addition to the Tasmanian police, beyond the traditional holiday camps. The in school  "Head to Heart" leadership transformation program, involves targeting a particularly vulnerable local community and incorporating the Eddie Rice  camp structure in a "mini" format so as to encourage a co-operative response between the school and their community. These programs saw schools opening their doors to local youth for an "overnighter" so that the student leaders could experience the human faces behind the word 'disadvantage" . Rather than just a theoretical and intellectual understanding of what life can look like, the students participated in this journey from head to heart, whereby they were able to experience an emotional connection to the local kids who for a variety of reasons are doing it tough. In such a short period of time, students transformed from the "head space" of guilt and obligation to the "heart space" of passion and empowerment.The success of the program,enabled us to take this concept to the next level, by involving the new Tasmanian Police recruits, as part of their training. With the police academy located on the doorstep of one of Tasmania's most vulnerable suburbs, a similar  style of program to that of the schools was replicated at the academy, with the recruits being required to experience an overnight"mini-camp" as part of their training. As many of these childrens' families often have negative contact with the police, this mini-camp was both a positive interaction as well showing the new recruits the human face of children in need. Apart from being extremely cost efficient, this innovative movement of the established Eddie Rice framework has raised our profile as a positive networking partner beyond our traditional clientele.

Summer Camp Season 2014


The 2014 Edmund Rice Camps Tasmanian season kicked off to an explosive start with three mega camps held at The Lea Scout Hall Kingston and Woodfield Lodge Dysart. These camps catered for over 100 participants (Grades 3-6) of Tasmania's youth and 100 leaders (aged 16-26) from across the state. With camp numbers in the 60's and 70's these were definitely considered some of the biggest shows ERCamps has ever put on! Running programs based off the accomodation sites our volunteer leaders ran professional, interactive and empowering programs for Tassie's youth! For more indepth articles read some of our personal reflection written by the volunteers in charge of the events linked below:


Summer Camp A - The Lea Scout Hall, Kingston   

Summer Camp B - Woodfield Lodge, Dysart

Summer Camp C - Woodfield Lodge, Dysart

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